Silver Aisle was founded by rising young tech entrepreneur Yanika Amarasekara. Combined with her love for the disruptive nature of the tech industry and her impeccable taste, a premiere multifunctional gifting service was born.

Silver Aisle combines the best of technology with the creative, elevated taste of its founder to bring about a first of its kind gifting platform to Sri Lanka. Fulfilling a gap in the market, Silver Aisle first started off as an all-in-one online wedding gift registry that enables engaged couples to choose what they would need to start their lives together, and for their loved ones to gift it to them online, in a matter of minutes.

Evolving and ever adapting with the times propelled Silver Aisle in to being Sri Lanka’s preferred gifting service covering every possible gifting occasion––from birthdays, to anniversaries, and everything in between.

Our product offering consists of two main categories, a wedding gift registry and a gifting platform suitable for any and every occasion. We offer the best brands, experiences, boutique vendors, honeymoon and getaway options all under one easy to use gifting service.

Each product and brand has been carefully selected by our founder for its timeless, effortless chicness and sophistication that helps our customers be the best representation of themselves when purchasing a gift for loved ones near and far.