The Benefits of a Gift Registry

by Silver Aisle

| March 30, 2023


We know that planning a wedding and moving into a new home can be exciting yet all-consuming at the same time. And, If you’re like us, bringing your dream interior to life with homeware you love would be the cherry on top of what is hopefully a magical time. Well, this is where Silver Aisle comes in. Keep reading to learn more about the convenience of using our platform––for both newlyweds and their loved ones.  

For Couples


Beauty, design, practicality, and quality are a few of the words that form our mantra when it comes to curation. We take special care in selecting the brands we feature, and even more care when selecting pieces for our site––ensuring that all our products are curated to meet the wants and needs of newlyweds.


Courtesy of Silver Aisle & Pinterest


Despite our affinity to only include stunning and high-quality homeware, we still managed to source a lot of it! Silver Aisle features over 2000 products from 40 of Colombo’s most sought-after vendors. Couples are able to browse through an array of categories that cover kitchenware, homeware, bedding, and even exotic getaways wide-variety of price points.


Did we mention that you can do all of this online? Relax with a glass of wine in your favorite loungewear, and select the items that would fit perfectly into your home and complement your style in just one click! It has quite literally never been this easy to create a gift registry (PS––in case you’re wondering, it is as easy for your loved ones to purchase a gift(s) for you too, more on that down below!)


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Although your family and friends would love to purchase high-value necessities like a fridge or a TV, the steep price tag naturally hinders this from happening. Through Silver Aisle’s pooling function, any item that is over Rs. 40,000 instantly becomes eligible for pooling, meaning that your loved ones can contribute an amount of their liking towards this larger gift!

Interested to know more about how our Pooling function works? Check it out here. 


The last benefit for couples, we promise! And it’s simple: Couples can select the ideal date that they would like to receive all of their presents, and Silver Aisle will make one consolidated delivery of all of the goodies––wrapped beautifully)––for free!  

For Guests

Convenience, Ease, Peace of Mind

Buying a wedding gift has never been this easy; visit our site, type in the access code that will instantly direct you to your loved one's registry, select what you love––or contribute towards a larger item––and proceed to checkout. Once you pay online, the rest is Silver Aisle. We wrap your gifts, include the special note you penned at the point of checkout, and deliver it straight to the couple's door.

Say goodbye to sitting in endless traffic while trying to get to a store, say goodbye to having no clue what to purchase!