The Tea Box | 120 Envelopes of Mixed Teas

The Tea Box | 120 Envelopes of Mixed Teas

LKR 10,650.00

Product Description

Price inclusive of delivery charges. Discover a delectable assortment of premium quality 100% pure Ceylon tea with our exquisite handmade gift boxes of natural teas. These individually foil wrapped tea bags come in a variety of unique flavours that are perfect to pour a cup of positivi-tea at any time of day. Our vendors will do their best to replicate the box as close as possible to the given image and description provided. However, due to the seasonality and availability of certain items along with the import restrictions in place, if certain ingredients were to become suddenly unavailable, our vendors reserve the right to substitute the food items at their discretion, in such a manner so as not to detract from the overall product offering.

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